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  1. Is there a way to turn on / off the s5 lights remotely perhaps via some sort of web api? Cheers, D
  2. Not quite sure where to report firmware issues? I think we need a single place to report issues and also a mechanism for Ulitmaker to report the resolution of these. I have come across two: 1: Network Connectivity: Whilst the camera feed issues have been resolved in the latest firmware update, network connectivity is still flaky (wired and wifi), this has been reported across a number of threads. Please could we get a confirmation whether this issue is being looked at and an ETA for a fix. Also, I noticed what I believe to be a new bug in the latest firmware
  3. Is it possible to change it to be recognised as a CC 0.6 ?
  4. HI All, I'm trying to diagnose an issue when printing with the 0.6mm 3d Solex Ruby tip, just running a test print using the standard s5 print profile of Normal, layer height of 0.15. Line width set to 0.56 (no other changes to default profile). My prints are looking like the attached.. Could this be a problem with the core? I also occasionally get an error when performing the bed levelling which says to check the sensor/core. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi, I have an Ultimaker s5 and recently purchased the 3d Solex Hardcore 0.6mm with Sapphire tip. Primarily for printing with copperfil. But, thought I'd try it with standard PLA prints to see if I can increase the speed of some prints vs 0.4mm nozzle and strike a balance between quality and speed. My question is, am I best off using the CC 0.6 default settings in cura as my baseline? Dan
  6. @SandervG please can you provide an update on this issue too.
  7. Pleased to report that the camera seems reliable, however I have frequent network connectivity issues, normally power cycling the printer and cura resolves between prints. Both on WLAN and LAN
  8. This is good news, does this address both the camera issue and network connectivity problem ? many thanks
  9. Fraud is a bit strong. I think the message is as clear as this thread can make it and has as such run its course. The s5 is, in reality, an impressive piece of kit, let down in frustratingly minor ways. I agree with the sentiment that we should keep feedback constructive. I genuinely hope Ultimaker take note of the feedback and focus effort on what are technically minor issues in comparison to the engineering achievement that went in to the printer itself. The price point, demands a certain level of polish and I genuinely hope that Ultimaker resolve these s
  10. Hi, Can anyone help with the exact acrylic used on the ultimaker s5 side panels? I’m having a unit built for my s5 and would like to match the doors with the acrylic used on the side panels. Thanks in advance! D
  11. This was my overall impression unfortunately. Hardware is great, software really lets it down and in minor but frustrating ways. It's just lacking the polish that I expected from a printer at this price point. My biggest concern is that the product has been out for some time and won't remain the flagship forever at which point I'd expect even slower progress on rectifying these issues. If this isn't the reason already. We are far from click print and forget with 3d printing so I didn't expect every print to be trouble free. But I also absolutely didn't expect I would ne
  12. Hi, im printing with the standard generic pla material profile and colorfabb shining silver pla/pha. I’m getting dimensionally accurate and solid prints (printing at 0.15 layer height), layer lines are very visible though. not experienced this with other pla before, is this what I should expect from colorfabb ? Printed on an Uktimaker s5
  13. This is what happens .. note no IP address listed, generally during a long print Power cycling restores..
  14. Thanks @Admehnistrator - I'll dig a bit deeper in to this as well and share anything that I find, didnt realise the s5 was running apache ..
  15. Hi, Does anyone have cura settings they could share that really increases print speed beyond the pre-configured 'sprint' settings ? Has anyone figured out how far you can push print speed before prints start to fail (printing PLA) Appreciate it would obviously be at the expense of quality, but curious to know whats achievable with the 0.8mm nozzle .. Also, how does the 'tune' -> Print speed % work? Does increasing this, just increase the speed of movements of the extruder only or does it also alter things like flow rate to compensate for the increase in
  16. Seems like the camera is stable since the change but the WiFi connection drops after a few hours. I guess I’ll be connecting over Ethernet. @Ultimaker is this also being addressed in the next firmware update ? Seems to be an issue reported by many. Thanks, Dan
  17. @Ultimaker again, your flagship top of the line s5 multi thousand dollar printer, marketed for professional and commercial use has a software issue with the camera and the WiFi fails regularly. It’s great that there is a healthy community able to step in and resolve issues, but I’m sure we all purchased what we thought was a fully supported professional piece of equipment from what I thought was a credible manufacturer of 3d printers. I understand bugs can creep in from time to time, but this issue has been around for months. What other issue could be a higher priority than stabilising basic f
  18. A bit of advice - Can I get away with using a 0.4 AA core ? Or am I going to damage the nozzle or do I need the red core? thanks!
  19. So far working without issue. Any clues on the WiFi cutting out ? I noticed when it does this, the interface shows that the WiFi connection has been disabled but toggle switch doesn’t do anything. Anyone know if the problem also effects Ethernet connections ?
  20. How does this address the problem with the camera cutting out though?
  21. Thanks @Admehnistrator what does changing to SXGA do?
  22. Come on Ultimaker .. you are marketing the s5 as a high end printer, it’s your flagship model, with a high end price tag. I really shouldn’t need to set up a rPi and external camera to monitor my prints and it looks like this issue has been around for a long time..
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