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  1. I'm new to this and very unfamiliar with GCode. Regardless, here's the GCode for the file with only Layers 1-2 included. You can see that it quits advancing the extruder but keeps moving the carriage at the end of Layer 1 and before moving up to Layer 2. I don't see any Z axis callouts, so I find that puzzling. I appreciate any insight you can provide. AA8_Phone Stand.gcode
  2. I've just upgraded to Cura 4.5 after using an ancient version (12?) for several years. I love the options that are available but I'm having a problem with it too. On my bottom and top layers, the print head is doing some kind of looping where after it lays down the layer, it drags across the top of the layer in successively larger loops until it moves to a different section and does the same thing. It does not push filament while doing this. On the top layer it doesn't really have an effect, but on the bottom layer it's catching my print and dragging it around. PLA can deal with it with some surface disruption, but my ABS isn't sticking hard enough to withstand all that activity. So, it's causing my ABS prints to fail. Can anyone explain why it's doing this and how to turn it off. I feel sure that it's a "feature" but I don't know what it's for or why it would useful.
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