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  1. Ok thank you, i've understand something, I don't know why but i think that the end stop of the plate have moved. I've turned the piece with 90° angle, and the piece is good. After test I discovered that the end stop have moved, so printer's plate stop and don't print the bump thank you for your help
  2. No, because at the first layer the printer does a straight line instead of moving and print the bump. If the first layer isn't ok, the extractor will does the movement to make the form of the bump, but it does a straight line a the postion of the bump. the anorther outlines of the piece are good and with good sizes thank you
  3. Thank you this is the preview printer is a geetech pro i3; a prusa clone the extruder goes straight ahead at the place of the "spikes"
  4. Hello, I've got problems with cura marked on the picture, i have some parts of the piece who are not printed with my printer which parameter i forgot to have a good gcode thank you for your responses
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