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  1. Hi all, that's my first post, I hope I am doing things in the right way. I have a question: I am printing a quite tall piece with a bit of a small base. I am using brim etc of course to maximize adhesion, but a question came to my mind. The big risk of failing for this print are the movements on the Y axis, since the entire plate is moving. The higher the print gets, the more air drag you have together with a higher CoG of the piece generating greater inertia forces. So basically Y movement needs to be slow (in acceleration for inertia and in speed for air drag) in order to minimize failing risks. But X axis does not have this issue since the part is still and it's the nozzle who is moving around. So my question is: is there any option anywhere in Cura that makes it possible to limit the speed just on the Y axis (of course the speed on the X should be recalculated and each time in order to combine it with the limitation on the Y). Thank you in advance for any kind reply, Fred
  2. Same here, I try to use combing to avoid stringing but it is definitely not working as it should, and behaving precisely as described in this post.
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