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  1. Thank you so much! it was so kind of you to go beyond speculation and actually print the part and troubleshoot! I really do appreciate it! Using your settings definitely helped. I had the idea that it could be cura 4.5 because I had just barely upgraded to it. Downgrading to cura 4.2.1 increased the print quality drastically. I think ill stay on this version of cura for a while until need an additional headache to figure out the problem. Thank you all again it was very shocking to see so many reach out and help! I certainly plan to pay it forward.
  2. I tried printing them separately and they came out just fine. It wasn't until I printed them together I noticed the odd artifacts. This only strengthens my theory that the artifacts are caused by retraction issues. having already printed them separately I know that it would work but the larger problem in my mind is wanting to have prints with more than one part. Im currently attempting to modify my retraction settings and will post if I come to a conclusion. Ill try the jerk and acceleration settings. Thanks for the tip!
  3. So I turned off coasting and that stopped the issue in cura, however the artifact still shows on the actual print. This photo that I have below leads me to believe that this is a retraction issue. As youll notice in the photo, as soon as the printer stops having to retract the part looks quite good(comparatively). I have also attached my settings as requested. Thank you all for taking the time to help! TT_tolerance test.3mf
  4. Im trying to do a test print for an upcoming project but when I slice my model cura makes some weird bumps and gaps im not sure what is causing this. I have noticed that at every "gap" there is a travel line within the modelphoto 1:cura previewphoto 2: actual print
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