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  1. I'm having them same issue with aquasys in s5 pro bundle with robot on the side. it breaks in the bowden tube after the feeder.
  2. I figured it out and its pretty terrible reason. I had my other printer printing at the same time then i noticed it was doing the same thing with other support material. It was cura 4.9... I sliced again in 4.8 and it was flawless.
  3. I wanted to try aquasys 120 with nylon but I cant even get it to load half the time just gives me a E54. When I do get it to load it doesn't extrude for the first few layers then starts... What do I need to do to get this filament to work? Thanks, Kevin
  4. You were correct I let alot of tension out of the feeder gear and have had no problems since. Thanks so much
  5. Im getting a issue when printing with ultimaker tpu where i get er65 error messages. Do the feeder gears need to be tighter then the middle line?
  6. Every time a print finishes it gets stuck in the hot end and I have to do the stuck procedure. How can I stop this?
  7. Im having trouble getting blue CPE to stick on top of PVA its jut curls at the corners and comes up. I have tried slowing it down, which hasn't help at all. Im also using .8 nozzle im not sure if that make a difference. Any thoughtS?
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