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  1. Hi @SandervG, yes I can, how do I do that?
  2. Okay so new development - after changing the print to a single extrusion rather than dual (for supports) everything seems to be working fine (see picture below). What I can't understand is why the first layer on my previous post was fine for over half and then ran into issues. Any ideas?
  3. So after some research and changing the layer height to work with the magic number, this happened. I've checked the feeder tension and all seems good. I really don't know what else to try...
  4. Hi, my brim speed is 20mm/s and so is my initial layer speed.
  5. If I want to print on an S5 with AA 0.8 and BB 0.4 what would be a good layer height for that?
  6. Hi all, I am experiencing the issue pictured below. What I find odd is it prints the brim perfectly every time but when it then moves on to printing inside it the walls don't meet and the adhesion seems to get non-existent. Any suggestions?
  7. Machine is grounded, lift switch is working perfectly, print cores are correctly seated. Would running the leveling sensor diagnostic test show whether the PCB is functional?
  8. Hi everyone, I am having an issue with extrusion on my S5. Currently have AA 0.4 with PLA and BB 0.4 PVA. I either have the issue that the material is practically spilling out from one print core when the other head is printing. Also, then when the head switches it to print it gets rid of the blob on the nozzle and then there is virtually no extrusion (some small dots now and again but barely anything). Any suggestions?
  9. PCB looks all good and no other machines nearby. I did the following- -manually leveled multiple times -ran the leveling sensor test multiple times -disconnected the front fan (this allowed it to run but only once) -did a factory reset in which I ended up having to change the print heads -seemed to work after I changed the heads but now I am having the issue that print core 2 touches the plate and then when print head 1 tries it never touches it. There is no material on the nozzle so I am pretty lost as to what to try next.
  10. It does sometimes, other times it just comes very close. I had run a diagnostic on the leveling sensors and it came back fine but ran it again today and got the error 'There is interference on the capacitive sensor'. Any ideas how to fix this?
  11. Hi I am having the same issue. When I try to start a print, print head 2 never actually touches the build plate and so when print head 1 tries to it says there is an unrealistic height between them. I have re-leveled the build plate, ran the diagnostic on the sensors and everything seems fine.
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