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  1. Hi Torgeir Thank you so much for the explanation and recommendations........I appreciate it! Regards Bob
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, Torgeir...yes, I indeed have the UMO+ with PT100 sensors. I used the word "thermocouple" generically, and incorrectly. I have a digital high temp thermometer which uses a K thermocouple sensor. When my bed is set at 70C, the external thermometer reads 62 degrees. When I put the probe against the outside of the heater block, it reads 235C when the UMO+ readout is 220C. My UMO+ was purchased in the summer of 2018. I did replace the heater block PT100 sensor about a year ago, but I never changed the bed temp sensor. On a separate, but perhaps related issue, is there a firmware upgrade that might be necessary, or advised? Thanks for your help Bob
  3. Is it possible to calibrate the UMO+ thermocouples using the software? My external high temperature thermometer indicates temp differences on both nozzle and bed.
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