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  1. hello, i finally tried my z probe; wiring is ok and the G29 procedure work (it probe all points and a heightmap is done) but at the end i have a message (the height map has a substantial Z offset. Suggest use Z-probe to establish Z=0 datum, then re-probe the mesh.) and when i go to see heightmap, the mesh is really high on the image... i can't understand why. Do i have to remove my "M206 Z-2.7 " on config override ? (i made it to adjust my first layer before installing my z probe) or not ? i send you my config files and the map if someone has an idea Thanks a lot for help
  2. finally i received my DUET ! thanks to #ultiarjan for his directory; it helped me a lot. I adapted it for the V3.1.1 firmware (h params in g1 codes, pt100 board adresses for themistors, and the adresses for endstops which are normally open in my case (i know it is not so good)) Heaters work well, (i use ultiarjan pid params) , and "home all" is ok. I tried a little print yesterday: it is really incredible: it make really less noise that drv8825 of my ultiboard ! It just still mechanic noise ! And i find that movements are "smoother" i have to mak
  3. hi, i finally received my DUET Wifi and my power adapter board and the z probe ( as #Chop3d ). I first update the panel due firmware, wifi firmware and duet firmware; it seems ok (v3.11) wifi connection is ok, temps readings are ok (pt100 board) I made my config files with the online ultility. I will try all during this week but i want to be sure about the z probe: i connect it betwen GND and In pin of z probe and i set: M558 P5 C"^zprobe.in" F500 T5000 H3 is it the good way ?
  4. hello, for the moment i wait for my duet shipping, i just have the paneldue. So i will tell you when all is wired. Thanks for your help
  5. ok i will buy a probe but before, #zerspaner_gerd how did you worked with existing endstop ? when you make home, the bed goes on low position? is there a macro to make for bed levelling ? z offset or something like that ? thanks a lot for your help
  6. hello, i have a um2 clone (jennyprinter 3) on which mainboard is HS. i bought a duet wifi and a pt100 board. for wiring i think i am ok but i doesent understand how to use/modify z endstop to do bed levelling.... i read your posts but i don't understand... i have to move my z endstop ? (mine is at the bottom) if yes , what is the better way to install it on top; i can't see how it is done on a "umo" ... and after, to make a bed levelling, i move manually z axis, i write the value and after, where to put it to calibrate bed ? thanks for help
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