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  1. Glad to hear the 2nd one is known and being looked into. I hope this connection issue is fixed in the next release, but im a little sceptical. Im not sure if its a hardware or software limitation but its been around since ive had ultimaker products (about 5 years) across 2 machines, nor am i the first, second or third person to report it, so it seems hardware related and something that wasent addressed in the making of the S5. I understand that there can be several things that can cause issues with wifi but certainly not so many that they can not have been fixed by now.
  2. Can we just not have metal blocks that screw together and hold the bar permanently?
  3. What it says on the tin. When the S5 has a failed nozzle probe , which is 1/4 prints or so for me, it will perform one of two behaviours and ive no idea what they depend on. nozzle probe fails and after the cooldown cycle tries to probe again, almost always the 2nd time works with no interference from me nozzle probe fails and after the cooldown cycle pretends that it finished the print (you can see in cura that it thinks it finishes a multi hour print in a minute. Im of the opinion that after a failed probe the UM5 should ask if you wish to try again. Either way
  4. So I've been holding off writing this for 2 months or so as time is scarce these days but i cant take it anymore. Maybe someone where can help. Mac Version Cura 4.8.0 Mac OS 11.1 Router EPC3940L Problems: Cura / Ultimaker S5 do not stay connected to each other and cannot print over wifi network. No, i cant use a LAN cable. Reproduction - After turning on the UM5 it connects to the newwork fine. router shows its mac and IP addresses are active and connected. Cura will find the printer and be able to print via network. After printing for an undetermined amou
  5. Hei. Tried it and its Peetri quite under the printer. Its coming from inside. Maybe a stepper motor? Guess I should get in contact with the reseller and ask about warrenty
  6. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately dimming the light between 0 and 100% makes no difference in the pitch or volume of the whine. Nor does raising or lowering the bed 😞
  7. Hi, Have had an S5 for about a week or 2 now and since day one its been making this high pitched whining sound coming from inside the machine. Sounds like how capacitor whine sounds in old video cards. It's causing some people to be quite annoyed in the office.
  8. I have this same issue since firmware update, i just updated 2 days ago and it giving me this error. im on firmware 5.8.0
  9. I had a similar issue with the seam alignment causing tiny tiny bumps. If your looking at the same type of problem check out the solution in the post tiny tiny bumps. @Torgeir was a lot of help ! If this does fix your issue please give him the credit 🙂
  10. The combo seems to have fixed it, can’t find any more dots. Thanks! Maybe ultimaker should update the visual profile
  11. S5 with air manager. i cant seem to add the output from cura which is a ufp file EDIT> Added the 3MF file that should include the models and exact settings i used to print them Scanner Covers.3mf
  12. Hi and thanks for the detailed reply! I raised the poly count from 6,000 to 42,000 and am unable to increase further in Fusion 360. and indeed the number of loops reduced. However they are not gone 😞 In this case and basically any im in where there is a client waiting for the product printing time is important. at 0.15 this takes 1,5 days. at 0,1mm its 2 days and 13 hrs. As this had to be done over the weekend i could not have printed at this resolution and made the handover. I was hoping for a setting something like "Do not make small travel loops on the wall"
  13. Hi all, Ive some issues with tiny dots while printing and im hoping you can help! on the two photos you can see the walls printed beautifully but the half dome on the top has some very noticeable defects. As this is for a client and needed to be close to perfect I decided to take the long road and used 0.15mm Visual preset with the only change being to add supports. I was sad to see after waking up on the morning the print finished to see the small dots on the top of the dome. I checked cura and found that there are travel lines that exit from the dome and go around to
  14. Hi, I would like to exchange the LED strip in my S5 to a CRI95 strip. What i need to know is the voltage and the amp or watt draw for the OEM LED strip so i don't overload anything. Thanks!
  15. Thank you for the offer. If tomorrow sale does not go through Ill take you up on it.
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