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  1. What is the prerequisite for jobs in the queue to have a preview of the models shown? Often mine will look like the attached screenshot.
  2. You are right, you didnt say that specifically. I have contacted support and have sent logs a few times, i think i also did so for the UM3 years ago but we never got it solved. I really hope its something that your teams are looking into and that it does one day get fixed. Other then this wifi issue ive had great support from Ultimaker so i dont want you to think i have all around bad feelings. I just hope you understand that its frustrating when the most expensive piece of equipment that we have what uses wifi does not stay connected to the software built for it. Has your team be
  3. No sorry thats just not meaningfully true anymore. Maybe in the extremes that you are talking about like putting your router near a microwave but in everyday normal use that you find in most offices and houses it's just not true. My S5 is about 2 meters from the wifi router which is in the ceiling behind ONE layer of gyproc. EVERYTHING else that connects to wifi in this office has a sustainable connection (or at least reconnects itself seamlessly so that ive never noticed) this includes, 3 smartwatches, 4 phones, 3 laptops, apple tv, a desktop running on wifi, home security cameras... everythi
  4. Cura version 4.8.0 MACOS Video of problem: STL / 3mf Attached, made and exported with fusion 360 Body3.stl ARTIFACT UMS5_ec930335-e80d-4de7-85ea-50d81526dc65.3mf
  5. Thanks for all your help! I think you are right that the Alpha version was better, this makes me think its down to line heights and thicknesses and if they add up to a height thats divisible by the height. For example if the change is at 10mm and you have the layer height at 0.1 then it would be at the right height when it hits this change, But if you had the layer height at 0,15 then it would not be correct and would cause this problem more. This is just a guess and ive yet to test it. Will see if i get the chance...
  6. Yes unfortunately this is on every print where there is an abrupt change. There is play in the head, guess ill have to contact my reseller and see if its considered “too much”. To be honest I really hope thats the issue cause then at least there is a possibility to fix it
  7. Ok so heres the finished reprint on the alpha software. Not sure if its the software or that i doubled the triangle count or that i lowered the outerwall speed to 20 but its better. Still has a nasty band at the top and at the bigger change near the middle, none of which are visa le in preview
  8. downloaded the alpha, will give it a try. Here are some pictures of what was printed overnight. Unfortunately this is not something i can handover to client. interesting note that i think it is indeed software related and not a layer shift as the inside is printed beautifully and without the errors....... if only i can find out how to swap outside for inside.
  9. Hei. Thanks for the advice but im not sure what you mean by new version of cura. I am indeed on 4.8, is there a newer one? The printer is well maintained and everything greased / oiled. Not sure what you mean here :S ive added a picture of the whole model currently printing and it has the same issues. thanks!
  10. Hi all, So this happens on alot of models on my S5 and so here i am looking for a solution. At the point where the model has an abrupt change or goes from "C"shaped lines to "O" shaped lines(that go from back and forth to all the way around the model) there is often what seems like a missing outer wall line or that the print head is no longer where it should be for one layer. Please see the attached picture & 3mf file. This is using Cura 4.8 and latest S5 Firmware Thanks! IMG_0241.pdf Small Black Scanner Cover.3mf IMG_0245.pdf
  11. @sj3fk3 Neither of my Ultimakers (3 Extended, S5) have ever worked on wifi reliably. Nor does the one at the Uni that ive worked with or the Ultimakers resellers demo machine. Basically 4/4 does not work reliably on wifi. The idea that wifi isnt as stable as ethernet is a 10+yr old idea that does not really make sense today. If you are in an office thats got tons of glass walls then maybe yea but my router is and has been less then 3m away from the machine, still disconnects constantly from both network and cloud. I and im sure many other people would really appreciate a real explanation for t
  12. Glad to hear the 2nd one is known and being looked into. I hope this connection issue is fixed in the next release, but im a little sceptical. Im not sure if its a hardware or software limitation but its been around since ive had ultimaker products (about 5 years) across 2 machines, nor am i the first, second or third person to report it, so it seems hardware related and something that wasent addressed in the making of the S5. I understand that there can be several things that can cause issues with wifi but certainly not so many that they can not have been fixed by now.
  13. Can we just not have metal blocks that screw together and hold the bar permanently?
  14. What it says on the tin. When the S5 has a failed nozzle probe , which is 1/4 prints or so for me, it will perform one of two behaviours and ive no idea what they depend on. nozzle probe fails and after the cooldown cycle tries to probe again, almost always the 2nd time works with no interference from me nozzle probe fails and after the cooldown cycle pretends that it finished the print (you can see in cura that it thinks it finishes a multi hour print in a minute. Im of the opinion that after a failed probe the UM5 should ask if you wish to try again. Either way
  15. So I've been holding off writing this for 2 months or so as time is scarce these days but i cant take it anymore. Maybe someone where can help. Mac Version Cura 4.8.0 Mac OS 11.1 Router EPC3940L Problems: Cura / Ultimaker S5 do not stay connected to each other and cannot print over wifi network. No, i cant use a LAN cable. Reproduction - After turning on the UM5 it connects to the newwork fine. router shows its mac and IP addresses are active and connected. Cura will find the printer and be able to print via network. After printing for an undetermined amou
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