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  1. Blockage removed. This problem fixed. Only have 1 to 2 more. How is your hair not gray? These printers are frustrating to say the least. Thanks for your help.
  2. No, this is a Monoprice Ultimate 2. I think I'm going to box it up and send it back to them. After first 5 prints (longest being almost 6 hours) I haven't been able to get this darn thing to print at all. What is a good and simple printer to use. I paid $549 for this thing.
  3. I removed the extruder. I have a rather large clog. Any tips? I can't push it through. I'm going to heat the tip up and let it sit for a moment. Any ideas past this, will be great. I know about the atomic pull, but have to get nozzle hot enough to loosen clog.
  4. I'm a beginner! No wait, I need help. LOL I try to load a "plug in" and the base plate does not go all the way up to the nozzle. It ends up just going willie nillie on me. I bought this printer so I could make masks for family, not having any luck when I load the file. I've tried 4 times with same result. Thanks for any help. Oh, please remember, I am learning. Did I say I received this machine......yesterday. KarenB MPMU_medium_rowan3dprintedmask_v4.1 Cura.gcode
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