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  1. Hello, What causes a huge layer shift (around .5") on the Y axis only, at some point in a print (top 20% in this case)? I have a UMS5, .8mm nozzle, printing PLA. The belts all seem fine and tight, I do not detect an looseness anywhere. I was not present during the print unfortunately, so did not have the opportunity to hear any sounds. Picture attached.
  2. This sounds like it will fix my problem with impossible brim removal on small parts. Where are the settings for Brim gap? I searched in the settings and it did not return anything for Brim Gap.
  3. Wow I feel stupid. Thanks for suggesting me to not be stupid lol. Have to hit the 3 dots up top and it is there.
  4. The machine won't print due to the Cura settings of Tough PLA.
  5. Is it possible to change the current generic filament type on the S5 without doing the load / unload process? I chose PLA but is is PLA+ which is more like Tough PLA. It is a waste of time to go through the load / unload process.
  6. I will go back to the .4 I guess, thanks for the answer. The issue is I am printing 50 in one print, which takes about half the time with a .8 nozzle.
  7. Here are the current settings : What do you recommend I change the settings to Smithy? GregValiant: I checked to make sure it was above the build plate. I will try and scale larger and see if it works. Need it at 14mm though.
  8. I am guessing it has something to do with .8 mm nozzle, but don't know why. When I change it to .4 mm nozzle it slices correctly.
  9. Here is the 3mf file with the cup not scaled yet. I scale it to 14 mm X - Uniform. UM2_Flowers v2.3mf
  10. I disabled the Flow sensor and re-enabled, but have not ran out of filament since, so I will try and remember to update this thread if I do.
  11. I am trying to print little cups that are 14mm diameter and 6.58 mm height on a UM2+ printer. The cups are 3 mm diameter and 1.4 mm height when brought into Cura and then scaled to 14mm..... When I bring them into Cura and slice, it only slices the cup to less than 2 mm height. I am guessing probably the 1.4 mm they originally were before scaling. This does not make sense. Any ideas?
  12. Not sure how I would know that, but definitely won't now. I threw out the parts and started over.
  13. For the 3rd time in the last month, my S5 ran out of material and continued to print. Why is this happening and can it be fixed? All of the prints were multiple day prints. These events are costing my organization a lot of time and $$.
  14. Thats what I did, however it doesn't stop the printer from popping a warning. The printer is for sure detecting the UM Nylon, but only after I have loaded the material. It cannot detect it during the loading phase, which is very odd. Also odd that the S5 does not have UM Materials selectable in the menu, only by detection.
  15. Our S5 does not recognize Ultimaker Nylon when loading material, but stops the print with a warning that you must reconfigure Extruder 1 to be Nylon Transparent (Ultimaker), but that is not a choice on the menu. How do I fix this? - AJ
  16. After 3 reboots it starts now. Not sure what was going on.
  17. I uninstalled 4.2.1, then installed 4.6.0, the GUI never loads when starting program. When looking at Windows 10 task manager, it pops up then says suspended, then goes away. I tried compatibility mode, that didn't work either. I cannot run as admin on my machine. Any help appreciated as I have a lot to do today.
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