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  1. A newbie here with a S5. I've been trying some Filamentive ONE PET material. Made reasonable success, but there isn't a profile for it in Cura. So I've had to tell the printer it's loaded with rPETg then I have made changes to the setting, temp etc in a copy of the material in preference from info on their website. Each print requires me to then manual override the printer settings. Second, does anyone have the ideal settings for the best prints? I'm getting a some stringy tails and loose strands that need a bit of cleaning up after. I've just up the print cooling fan speed and dropped the print temp down 5 degrees to see if that helps. Beyond that I don't know what other settings have an effect on.... I am doing a twin colour part, so have matched the settings for both, it's probably more apparent at change over layers between the two colours. Thanks
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