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  1. @gr5 You are right, and I have been scanning through the links that Frank posted about using Palette with the Ultimaker. It looks like I should be able to use the Palette. I plan on digging into it a little deeper and will be sure to post what I find.
  2. Or any other references I can read into about making it work with my S3?
  3. It seems like I will still need to pursue purchasing another 3D printer to achieve the multi-color prints I am looking for. Thank you, everyone for your input. A little disappointed that my S3 probably won't be able to do everything I was hoping it could. Does anybody have any experience with Creality, Makerbot or any other printer brands working well with Palette 2?
  4. Thank you for the information. This is pretty upsetting, I was looking forward to working on multicolor prints but now think ill have to find another printer for this purpose.
  5. I was looking at the S3 conversion kit to make it so I can use 1.75mm materials, and the mosaic hub to use for interaction between the palette pro and my S3. Do you have any experience with either of these addons?
  6. I really want to purchase a Mosaic Palette 2 Pro, but am concerned that I wont be able to access or download the profiles for the 1.75mm material I would need to print with, should I buy. Does anybody have any experience with the Palette or any recommendations for where to purchase materials to use with it? Thanks, I really want to upgrade my S3 to be able to create multi-color prints, but don't want to spend hundreds on the Palette just to run into problems.
  7. @willryan3 stumbled across this in my digging through SW. You need to set you STL output parameters in the system options/document properties-->Export/Import menus. Sorry the image is so sloppy (comp screen with cell phone camera), but I hope this helps!
  8. I am trying to print something using two different colors of pla together. They are simple nameplates with white background and black letters, or that is what I want. Can i choose at which layer the printer changes with extruder to use in Cura? or select extrude features to print with each extrude head?
  9. It seems to have worked out really well! I don't have plans to reprint that model right now, but you can tell already from the attached views from KC that the model has been created with much finer tessellation.
  10. Luckily, I still have access to student licensing, so I downloaded the student trial of KC to check some of the features it offers. How do I get to these settings for my model? would I need to import my model, first, as a .prt to save as a parasolid? Do these options just present themselves at time of save, or are there deeper settings?
  11. @Framar what kind of software is keycreator? how much does it cost?
  12. is anyone familiar with the setting customization in NX? I guess, if I need to, I can try to generate my stls using that if my prints would be cleaner.
  13. I have been using SW to generate models for my s3. Are you familiar with where settings might be? I feel like SW doesn't give you as many settings when generating an stl file, though.
  14. Thanks. I just feel like something like that would do well hung on the wall behind my printer.
  15. @maht do you know of any charts or tables I can find online that visualize all of the information for all the materials the s3 is capable with; almost like a tap & die hole sizing chart, but with the different materials listed with compatible print cores, and common uses and strengths of the materials?
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