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  1. print it front side as top side I mean turn it
  2. I recently made a test about this and find out it decreases the durability around %5-10
  3. I think it is because of the tiny infil area try to print it on the wider surface that will give more area for infill and make the print more reliable maybe even faster
  4. Maybe if you send the model and the gcode i can help
  5. If you search for datasheet user manuals service manuals etc. about your "Kaiser rostrum" you can find information about which pin is which I dont know is there any manuals but there must be you should search for it 🧐
  6. That means it is not watertight you should be able to print your object with other slicers but cura will kepp warning you you can repair your models by the link below Just drag and drop your file there and it instantly repairs it. Well.... atleast it did mine. 🙂 The file now loads up in Cura without any errors. https://3d-print.jomatik.de/en/index.php
  7. I think you should suggest it right here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues
  8. Why would you do that Bigger initial layer height means better adhesion not Smaller
  9. I guess the cooling seems weak It prints each layer top of other layer(as everybody know) if bottom layer is not cool enough this could happen
  10. Also enable z hop in travel settings that will prevent that travel movements Note: It will cost more printing time
  11. I think you can ad 2-3 solid layers at the top of the support and make the gap 0.0mm. other solutions are also okay but this seems a bit more easier
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