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  1. Not sure what changed in 4.4, but it continues through 4.6. Pause at height used to work perfect for me, but I was not using it for a time through a few iterations, so I don't know when things changed. The behavior is that it will now pause at the correct height, retract the correct amount, then move out of the way and wait. But then the GCODE goes wonky. It tells the printer to extrude the same amount that it retracted, then extrudes the amount set in the script. Then it move into position, retracts and extrudes again. Why is it adding this extra code? ;TYPE:CUSTOM ;added code by post processing ;script: PauseAtHeight.py ;current layer: 178 M83 ; switch to relative E values for any needed retraction G1 F1500 E-100 <-- This is the retraction I set, to get the filament backed out far enough in case I am not there for the pause. G1 F300 Z36.8 ; move up a millimeter to get out of the way G1 F9000 X190 Y190 M104 S0 ; standby temperature M0 ; Do the actual pause M109 S200 ; resume temperature G1 F1500 E100 <-- By now I have changed the filament, and pushed the new filament down to the cold nozzle, it does not require this 100. I manually did most. G1 F199.998 E20 <-- This is the extrusion value I set as it works perfectly for me to prime the nozzle now that I am present. G1 F1500 E-100 <-- Now it retracts again, to the point where the filament backs out potentially too far, but not always. G1 F9000 X83.873 Y144.713 G1 F300 Z35.8 ; move back down to resume height G1 F1500 E100 <-- Now it extrudes a huge glob on the print surface just before resuming! G1 F1500 ; restore extrusion feedrate M82 ; switch back to absolute E values G92 E2824.86014 ;LAYER:178 Am I missing something? It did not behave this way in the past, and I can't wrap my head around all the retractions and extrusions it adds. Thanks for any help rf clarification anyone can provide.
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