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  1. I'd like a way to put a negative value here so to get for example 1 perimeter on top/bottom and 4 walls the rest of the print. to get a nice surface. I haven't found this functionality in cura, but if it exists please let me know. If not please please please implement it, this is one of few things making me go to other slicers sometimes
  2. I was trying to add a bed mesh model so I renamed two of those .json definition files. Then restarted cura and it crashed and the first time set up guide pops up and I have to login and add a printer and so on. All printers and profiles are gone. I reverted the files I played around with but I'm still stuck. How do I get my stuff back? 😞 😞 😞
  3. 4.5 4.6.1 is out but I haven´t seen anything in the bugfix list that seems to adress this issue. I might be wrong but 4.5 works just fine for now
  4. Yep, I am printing from vSD The issue lies in 4.6 somehow I slice with another version now so problem is "solved"
  5. All settings are the same. It´s something else, the gcode file size of same model sliced with same settings/profiles are a bit bigger as well. I guess 4.6 does something different. I´m not the only one with this issue, it seems very common actually. I´m fine running 4.5 instead. Just wanted to make a heads up to devs and anyone else wondering why their prints look like crap
  6. Video of stuttering https://streamable.com/2ua5oj Image of difference between slicing with 4.5 and 4.6 https://imgur.com/MHqbai3
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