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  1. Ultimaker 2+ still has the same problem, I cannot use it any more - 6 months after purchase. Filament moves slower out of the nozzle than it is pushed into the tube. See above. According to devices here, I have made atomic pull about 10 times all together, i have replaced the teflon coupler (22EUR), I have replaced the nozzle (0.4 into 0.6), all this took me several days and it still does not work. I wanted to use the 3D printer for a teaching project at the university and for a master thesis, it is not the best advertisement if I am stuck here. There is already a delay. Wikth this e
  2. Thank you, I know now what I can do next. In case I find out that I need a new teflon coupler, does it look like this? Its termed 3D Solex TFN PTFE Coupler UM2+.
  3. thanks, I may need to replace this part, I have already made atomic cleaning, tried lower print speed, elevated temperature, always same problems. 4 models were printed half then print was interrupted and the filament curled behind the printer so the picture does not look the same as my printer (ultimaker 2+) what is the part called? where can I get it ?
  4. After ca 100 3D objects the filament extrusion slowed down. The transport at the other side of the tube is faster, as a result, the tube goes off, printing is discontinued. This is getting harder, elevated temperature did not help (Ultimaker 2+, transparent PLA)
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