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  1. What material are you printing with? ABS? It looks as if coasting might be enabled. If not, you can try changing the z seam setting (Change from user specified to random or sharpest edge) and maybe lower your speed by a smidge.
  2. You probably went to 'Modify G-Code' and enabled Time Lapse. Turn it off, that's only is you have octoprint and want to do a timelapse effect.
  3. It's the path of the extruder. It looks kinda like stringing, because if you don't have rectraction enabled, then that's what it would look like.
  4. This happens to me, too. If your file is somewhat greater than 5 MB or something, it starts to get laggy, and at around 10 MB, or again, something like that, Cura crashes because I think, and this is only an assumption, that it reads every triangle on the file and fixes the ones that need to be fixed, so more triangles mean more work. That's just what I think, I'm probably wrong. If Cura crashes, then, I just use Meshmixer to make the object solid, or just leave it be, and if it really needs to be water proof, then I'll just add some layers of epoxy or another waterproof substance inside to bl
  5. This happens to me a lot too. If this happens, I normally just manually add supports on Tinkercad, or if that's too much work, I just don't do that model. I can't find a way to stop those lines, though, except for increasing the support line distance.
  6. Never mind. I just turned on 'Force Layer Compatibility Mode' (Or something like that) in Preferences. Though that does lead me to another issue. When using Line Type or Material Color on anything like that, Cura just leaves it colorless like this (First picture) and whenever I try to go down a few layers (i.e layer 100 to layer 88) it turns blank (Picture 2) and I have to press the play button to get it back, but it still remains colorless and every time I need to check if the infill or what layer the support stops or something like that, it turns blank like picture 2 and it's pretty annoying
  7. Never mind. I just turned on 'Force Layer Compatibility Mode' (Or something like that) in Preferences.
  8. Is this an update on Cura? My computer updated and now, every time I go onto layer view, you can see through your model and you can't see supports that well because it's stuck on Line Type and I can't change it. How can I change it from Line Type to something like Layer Thickness?
  9. Maybe, for the time-lapse option on cura, instead of pausing when finished layer, it can pause every 30 seconds, or some time so we don't need to buy a Raspberry Pi to be able to do that cool timelapse effect! However, it might warp a bunch because it paused. Let me know what you guys think!
  10. Yes, I turned on 'Print Thin Walls' and it worked! Yay! Thank you!
  11. Yes. I have been using Mesh Tools for a while now, and it's working fine; some need more extensive repair, so I put it through MeshMixer. My layer width, when brought down 0.3 and 0.1 didn't change much, in fact, although it seems counter-intuitive, it looked like there was a larger gap now. Mesh Tools makes the model water-proof at most times, however it does not change the missing layers. I'm still thinking some of it corresponds to nozzle size because when using a smaller nozzle, the layers are all there. Of course, I will try all this stuff. Hopefully we can find the error. Toodles! 😄
  12. I now know the cause. While changing nozzle size on the Ender 3 Pro (For testing), I realized a 0.3 and 0.2 nozzle size didn't cut off any of the layers. Anybody know why?
  13. It must be one of the settings on my printer. When I switched to UMS5 for a test, no layers were missing. My Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro probably have something wrong in its settings. I will look deeper into this. Edit: When I switched to 'Fast' setting in the UMS5, the part didn't show as it did with the 'Fine' setting I used and worked. When I switch to 'Standard Quality' on the Ender 3 Pro it still is missing layers. Very interesting...
  14. Thank you, but for some reason, it still is missing layers. This only happens with some items, I just found another item with another missing layer thingamajig. Compared to the actual shape:
  15. Your Cura is having trouble opening from the application package; having a problem to open the start. Try opening your firewall. I'm not a coder, so I don't really know what's going on, actually, but hope this might help.
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