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  1. I was able to reduce the flow lines by quite a bit by using a 0.1 first layer. Not perfect but it did help. Thanks Q
  2. Thanks, I did a weird version of that by just changing the number of sidewall layers.. so it did the whole shape using sidewall shapes. And its funny. depending on the angle it looks amazing.. but if you get the wrong angle because all the lines line up.. its worse. Thanks for the help. What happens if you set different line widths without changing the tip. It just seems that there would be something that would make that first layer more solid. almost like a first layer ironing.. hehe. Q
  3. Is it possible to make the printer fill the inside of the first layer with the outline shape.. it seems like the first two outside lines are better than the 45 deg fill. I will look for some settings. Thanks Q
  4. Thanks. Dont really want to post process them for now. So i guess i will see if customers hate them. hehe. yes i did use a transparent material for some parts. And i think Dark colors are the worst. What are the lines anyway.. its not a texture as its smooth. Q
  5. Is there an adjustment to remove or reduce the flow lines on parts? I have this nice shiny finish but you can see the flow lines in the plastic. I am playing with first layer heights and flow rates etc. So far.. very tiny differences if anything. Thanks Q
  6. So i fixed this by redesigning the part to allow for a different print path. I think it was an anomaly in how it was generating the g-code. Q
  7. I am not sure this is a Z bump..i have that on other things where you get a bump out along the entire z edge.. its annoying but i try to compensate for it and now that i know what it is called maybe i can work on fixing it. This looks like layer shift or i dont know what.. But my test prints that are the exact same thickness do not do this and also adding 0.4mm to the width also takes it away. Q
  8. I have a small part that is giving me errors on one corner. The other corners are fine. its an L shaped part. It seemed to start when i was refining the design to make it fit the proper print width and height. Also to reduce print time and materials and create a better fit with another part. I had reduced the top ridge to 1.2mm thick. No matter where i place the part it prints the same. If i rotate it then the problem goes away but the edge of the part has some abnormalities in it. So i printed some tube type shapes to try and replicate it. both with round and straight corners. all printed perfectly. I recently changed the top ridge to be 1.6mm thick and the problem vanished. In the slicer it looks fine when you go through the layers. I was using Cura version 3.5 but did just upgrade to 3.6. But i get the error in both versions. I did notice that 3.5 gave what seemed to be a better more continuous path for the printer in the upper edges of my part. I print a group of parts together and this one is the only one that does this. multiple copies in the same job all doing the exact same thing. Thoughts? Thanks Q
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