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  1. Not right now as when I try to download the logs the touch screen UI just hangs, I will give the system a reboot when I get a chance and see if things improve.
  2. I was going to start a new thread but this seems close enough for me to add my contributions. I've been using Ethernet since day one with my S5, It seemed ok to begin with but once I had it up and running with more jobs, things in the queue, etc, it's generally unreachable, this is in the app, through the web page and the Cura software. One thing I have observed is that even though I've not prompted the printer to connect to the UM Cloud it attempts to establish a HTTPS connection to api.ultimaker.com, every 4 seconds (ish). My things don't get access to the internet un
  3. Please help, every time I load Cura it tells me I've got new materials to sync, I do a reboot and it still says the same?
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