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  1. The air gap is a setting in Cura called "Support Z Distance". It won't help you though because those tiny supports won't be able to handle the large structures you're trying to print on top of them. You should add the "manual supports" plugin and build a more robust support system for that area.
  2. I was also thinking about something similar. I'd like to print a part that would have 2-3 structural walls, filled with loose gyroid infill (10% or less). Then I would like to fill the interior with polyurethane or epoxy resin to create a PLA-reinforced resin matrix. It could save dozens of hours per part over printing with 100% infill, and would likely increase strength in the z-direction since the internal structure would end up as one homogeneous chunk of plastic instead of fused layers. My current solution is also to use a drill, but that is error-prone, inconsistent and requir
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