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  1. I was also thinking about something similar. I'd like to print a part that would have 2-3 structural walls, filled with loose gyroid infill (10% or less). Then I would like to fill the interior with polyurethane or epoxy resin to create a PLA-reinforced resin matrix. It could save dozens of hours per part over printing with 100% infill, and would likely increase strength in the z-direction since the internal structure would end up as one homogeneous chunk of plastic instead of fused layers.


    My current solution is also to use a drill, but that is error-prone, inconsistent and requires time that could be saved and automated if the part could be designed/printed with the ports to start.


    For proof of concept I could go in and modify the g-code by hand to remove the walls created by the overlapping modifier, but that's not really sustainable.


    Perhaps I could make a post-processing script if the walls created around the hole were marked in g-code? Maybe a feature in preview mode where I could select and delete individual g-code segments?

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