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  1. Thanks for your reply. What is the small modification to improve this that you mentioned? Also is there a suggested way to clean the threads of the olsson block and nozzle? I have ordered an official ultimaker nozzle and want to make sure it is going into a clean thread in the heat block. Thanks
  2. Hi thanks Geert_2 your advice is very helpful. I have double checked the fan and it carries on running at full speed. I think the issue lies with the nozzle more than anything. Before trying anymore cold pulls I disassembled the print head and looked at the olsson block. There is a large amount of burnt black residue (as pictured) on the screw threads of both components. The coupler is completely fine as it is new. There is a large build up of residue inside the nozzle with some fairly big parts in there. I wonder if it is worth trying to clear the nozzle as it appears to be in a pretty bad st
  3. Thanks - I have dropped the temperature when doing the cold pulls and its giving me a better looking tip. I performed 11 cold pulls and tried to perform a print - it completed the print but under extrusion meant it snapped and was messy. I tried to print again and it was massively under extruding. I have performed another 10 cold pulls and this is what the tip is looking like. It shouldn't take so many pulls + it shouldn't look this bad after 10. Its not smooth at all - I know a new nozzle would solve this but not keen to just buy another and need the printer today.
  4. I had recently been printing a run of the same 3D print file - and need to print a large amount more for a deadline. Unfortunately the printer stopped extruding part way through one of the prints. I went on to unblock the nozzle but noticed the coupler was completely blocked (as pictured). I then ordered a replacement coupler and installed it. I then proceeded to carry out 11 atomic pulls as pictured until it came out clear. This seemed to work and the first print I did yesterday since the atomic pulls came out clear. I removed the print and went to print the file again, when I came back
  5. I emailed 3D Gbire and they got back pretty quickly. They stock all original ultimaker parts so not the quieter fans, but means I can replace the printhead fan. It came to £8.66 + Vat + shipping so was £17.82 when it was all added up.
  6. Hi, One of the printhead fans (on the left) of my 3D printer has stopped working. I have checked the wiring and all seems to be fine. Has anyone found a UK supplier for a replacement, it seems impossible. Also I have read on other posts that you can replace the heat sink fan with a quieter model, but again I am struggling to find a UK supplier. All the ultimaker recommended sites don't sell replacement fans it would appear Thanks
  7. Hi, I have been using my ultimaker 2 (recently purchased) with filamentive white PLA and its been printing fine with a few minor teething issues. I have managed to solve all of these and it was printing fine again. I did use white abs at the start but that was several months ago and I have printed perfectly fine since then. However, the nozzle now appears to be blocked and the atomic method just refuses to solve this issue, its incredibly frustrating as I really need the printer working as I am in my final year as an Architecture undergrad and everything has to be done from home at the minut
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