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  1. @geert_2 Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I did not get a Mail. I am not afraid of the bacteria. I am afraid of very harmful materials like BPA (softeners/plasticizers?) that are causing cancer... The armrings from my kids are made of harmless silicone. I am not sure about TPU and the Datasheets do not say a word about this.
  2. Hello, I would like to print some things in PLA, TPU, CPE and ABS that can come in longer contact with the skin. Are there problems to be expected here? I unfortunately find nothing in the data sheets. I only use the original Ultimaker filaments for this. Hallo, ich möchte einige Dinge in PLA, TPU, CPE und ABS drucken, die in längeren Kontakt mit der Haut kommen können. Sind hier Probleme zu erwarten? Ich den Datenblättern finde ich dazu leider nichts. Ich nutze hierfür nur die Original Ultimaker Filamente. Thanks/Danke Norman
  3. Because of change to the UM3 I sell my UM2+ Printing time about 160h / in good condition Price 1250EUR (negotiable)
  4. I failed completly with the ICE PLA (white). I was not even able to load it once correctly. -First trial: it plugged my nozzle during the loading (no material coming out of the nozzle/extruder scrubbing) -Second, third, fourth trial: it got stuck in the bowden tube (Material scrubbed of in the extruder) All other filaments worked correctly on my Ultimaker 2+ I returned ist to Amazon
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