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  1. Well I’m still having issues. Now my extruder is clicking and slipping, my Esteps are calibrated right, but I can’t change the flow rate inside Cura. ive tried 20mm solid cubes and they come out the same size regardless of what the flow rate is set at. i May have to abandon Cura altogether and stick with another slicer, as I don’t get any acknowledgement that this is even an issue! Maybe it’s only with an Ender 3 pro, who knows.
  2. I’m still having this problem, I’ve just stuck to 100% for now, but it is annoying. im running Cura 4.6.1 on a Mac, just wondering if it may only be the Mac version that’s faulty?
  3. Just a thought, but is it something to do with the "Flow rate compensation factor" in the "Experimental" section? Dont know if this is a new item.
  4. Yes I'm doing single walls with cura, same as S3D, i know people have differing views on which way to calibrate their printers for different filaments, but its also the same results when doing a double wall cube too, eg: when a double wall should come out at 0.8 its coming out at 0.9 and adjusting the flow in cura 4.6.1 doesn't do a thing! Even though i have never had any trouble with cura 4.5 calibrating my filaments with this cube in the past. This is the cube, calibrated at 100% flow rate. Cura E3P Calibration Cube Single 0.4 Wall 0.4 Nozzle.gcode
  5. I Just change where it says “Flow 100” to 86 or whatever, then all the other flow rate settings change to the same except for the initial layer rate which stays at 100 The project is just a simple 25mm square single wall calibration cube that I always use on new filaments, and my nozzle is 0.4 and Cura is set at 0.4 nozzle.
  6. Is anybody there? 😁 Ive tried simplify3d and that works as it should, but my Cura flow rate is staying the same whatever i set it to. Just tried a single wall 0.4 cube on 100% flow rate and got a 0.46 wall width when measured with a calliper, so i adjusted it down to 86% flow rate which should correct the issue and yet i still get a cube with a wall width of 0.46!!!!! HELP PLEASE I just want to know if anyone else has this problem or if a fix is being worked on or if its just me! Thanks again Ade
  7. Hi, I am trying to calibrate my Ender 3 pro to the new Cura 4.6.1, by printing a cube to measure flow rate. i am aiming for a wall width of 0.8 but my printer prints 0.88 with a 100% flow rate, so I do the flow rate calculations and lower the flow percentage in Cura to 93% but still get 0.88. If I lower the percentage to something crazy like 50% I still get 0.88 width, so obviously this setting isn’t working. Is this a known problem? Its driving me mad! thanks Ade
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