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  1. Here are shots of the different aspects of the setup and the error message. If you can spot something I have configured improperly it would really help me sort this out. Thanks
  2. Unfortunately the Tough PLA and Natural PVA that came with the printer are the only ones I have on hand that are Branded w/NFC. I have some more on order. The NFC failure doesn't concern me that much, these things happen. The one that is more confusing is the Material Handler and Printer recognizing "Touch Black PLA" and me using the Ultimaker Tough Black PLA in Cura, and the printer still making me ignore a "material conflict" when beginning a print.
  3. I don't have my printer networked at all, I keep using it via a thumb drive. It would be weird for an issue with the network stack causing problems with material recognition, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks.
  4. Just curious if anyone is having any issues with their material handler and/or printer and Material conflicts. When using Ultimaker materials that came with it, the station recognizes the Touch Black PLA, does not recognize the Natural PVA When lining up prints using the proper ultimaker materials, I get a material conflict before the print for both materials. I can ignore the PLA one, however the use of Ultimaker PVA material in Cura and the printer believing it is not there does not allow me to print at all. I can bypass this by choosing a Generic PVA Material. I could see an NFC error causing the PVA to not be recognized, but I don't understand how it does recognize the Tough Black PLA, I choose that in Cura, and it still gives me a material conflict. I have powered it all down and back up again, I have not yet re-flashed the firmware but that will likely be next up. The firmware was flashed when I set it up new from the box about 2 weeks ago, so the FW should not be too dated..... On another note, the printer prints like a dream. I also have a Lulzbot Taz6 which I love, but this printer is hands down easier to navigate for beginners and the integration of air mover, material station (once it's working properly) and so on are truly enjoyable. Thoughts anyone?
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