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  1. how do i adjust the docking position? when I switch from extruder 2 to extruder 1 the lever moves but does not get stuck and therefore it releases, I have to make the lever run longer but I don't know where to find the values that regulate the transition from extruder 2 to extruder 1.
  2. make sure the site is the right one, have had problems with sites trying to copy their portal, this is what I use https://www.superbuy.com/en/ if you can't contact customer service they will help you
  3. someone can explain to me how to perform XY calibration, I just can't figure out how to do it
  4. Yes, thank you very much, I had not thought of checking the menu of the printout, I am also making the modification to the extruder doing the B2D, the steppers relating to the motor are already set in the DXU firmware or I have to replace them based on the formula you indicate in the project and above all how do I insert them permanently in the firmware?
  5. I made the change to dxu but the second extruder turns in the opposite direction how can I change the direction of rotation?
  6. hello, yes Chinese is difficult, you can use eighth notes and use an online translator, after this you use superbuy or any other brokerage service, they think all their international shipments, I'm just waiting for the goods purchased for modification to arrive to DXU via DHL
  7. I on aliexpress have failed. finding them and a few that I found cost 10 times more, so I got the acquired on taobao, I simply registered an account on taobao and then I entrusted to superbuy, I choose the product that buys it for me, I pay my order and I speeded up by reliable and fast express courier service.
  8. Hi Torgeir, can you give us a link where you can download Cura 15.04.5 or tell me where to find it, you intrigued me and I want to test it thanks
  9. when you talk about Cura 15.04.5 do you reverence at cura 4.5? because I am actually using this version and I am much better than caura 4.6.1, at the moment I am printing PC components and I must say that with care 4.5 I find a better composition than with care 4.6.1, s3d works well I downloaded the profile from the Polimaker website and I have to say that I don't find any difficulties at the moment, I am printing the DXU modification to transform my UM2 + into a double extruder. thank you very much for the advice.
  10. my own idea, only that I wanted to use a mosfet to control the heated floor, but it would seem that it does not solve the problem
  11. I am not very practical about s3d but I would like to understand how it works, there are some things I prefer compared to care such as inserting the supports, if you want you can share your profiles with me in order to facilitate things, without being there to test everything .
  12. ok thanks for the information, I wanted to ask you if you had tried to make prints with different slicer programs, for example I tried simplify3d and I noticed that the walls are printed much more linear and I also noticed that the noise of the stepper motors changes as if the current that came to him was modified by the program is it possible or are they just my fantasies?
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