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  1. Solved, it was a faulty connection on the temperature sensor (a pin was broken).
  2. Hello everyone. I have this issue, hope somebody can help me: I have a Prusa with Marlin firmware. It have been working fine, up to I decided to update my Ultimaker Cura slicer from 3.2.1 to 4.6 (latest version until now). Now, printer doesn't work. This is what happens on Cura: - Printer gets connected as usual. - Extruder temp shown a fixed 358°C value with extruder at ambient temp (about 20°C). - When bed heater order is sent from Cura, cooling fan starts (such as if ports were swiped). - When bed temp sensor is disconnected, extruder temp shows 0°C, and viceversa for the extruder temp sensor. What I found when tried to open Repetier Host: - When connected, it shows: "Extruder switched off. MAXTEMP triggered !". - X and Y axis works fine. - Z axis sometimes doesn't word. - Cooling fan works fine. - Bed heater and extruder don't work (heaters don't turn on). - Bed heater temperature is shown fine. What I have tried so far: - Send M999 code. Nothing happend. - Send M562 to reset temperature fails. - Send D0 and D1 to clear EEPROM and Reset. Echo: Unknown command. - Sensors are ok, I tested them and in both cases resistance is about 100k. - I uploaded again Marlin software to the Arduino (the version I was using and I was sure it was working fine). - I uninstalled 4.6 version and downloaded 3.2.1 again, but the problem is still there. Be warned that I haven't made any change in the printer hardware or connections. Just updated Cura software and that made all this ha´ppenns. Hope you can give me some tip to help solving it. Thank you. Gabriel.
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