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  1. My PVA lives in the material station. Material station doesn't get turned off - except when I am pulling PVA fragments out of the tubes 🤪. But the material station should be taking care of the moisture problem, so I don't think that's an issue. Though I have no way of testing humidity.
  2. I've notived that the PVA becomes noticably more ductile as it warms up. With that in mind, the last couple of prints I've put the spool on the print bed at 30C for an hour or so. Both prints has succeed, but a sample size of two is not exactly data... I've looked through the material station doco, it makes not mention of temperature control. So I assume it doesn't. Taking the spool out also gave me a chance to check the filament tip and sharpen it up. Sometimes it comes out of the extruder after depriming quite blunt, which has caused me issues in the past.
  3. Greetings All, I've had the UM PVA snap in the bowden tubes as the filament enters the coupler (the rectangular thing on the back of the material station inline with the bowden tube) a few times. I've been able to recover, but would rather not have to go through that process too often. I've seen a few posts about this, but not much by the way of fixes. In both my failures they occured in the morning after the printer had been off overnight - material station is left on. I am wondering what the working temperature of the PVA is? I know storage is between 0c and 30c.
  4. Greetings All, We recently purchased a S5 Pro bundle and I am in the process for getting it setup, received it last week. I have some questions about how the material station behaves and I haven't been able to find answers in the manual or the forum, so here goes. I just had my first NFC fail - this seems be not uncommon - after a bit of mucking around I understand I can safely set the filament type during loading to a generic version on the printer interface. My understanding is that the generic material settings are the same as the ultimaker materials by default.
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