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  1. Thanks for the input. Turning off the 2nd extruder was the trick. Time to experiment with creating supports out of part material.
  2. I may just need clarification on how the Material Station(MS) works, but I assumed the entire spool would runout prior to switching to the next spool in a different MS bay. It seems the sensor for filament runout is at the point of entry of the decoupler on the MS. The result is about 45 grams of retracted filament before it switches to the next spool. Is this the intended design or possibly a setting which can be modified? Although a small amount of material, I'd like to get to the point of not wasting as much as possible. NOTE: I experienced this at the start of a job and not in the middle, so maybe this is a mute point if the material runs out in the middle of a print job...? Thanks.
  3. Got it. I've installed the Plugin I was looking for and we're good now. Thanks.
  4. I am not seeing the Plugin option in the Cura menu. Currently running v4.6.1. Any help in understanding why this may not be available? Thanks.
  5. Is the "4800" in your listing title the price you're asking? Thanks.
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