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  1. Well actually I deleted the whole Cura folder in AppData\Roaming folder. As This was a new install after uninstalling everything I decided there should not be any Cura stranglers. Worked a charm so thanks....
  2. Thanks I'll give it a try.. I just went through all the windows stuff today and is says all my files are fine for the system files.
  3. It is there and has logs in it. But they seem from an earlier install Thanks May be some help
  4. That didn't help I had tried looking at the fire wall and even turning it off. Thankks
  5. Ok I haven't used my printer for a few months. It is not an Utilmaker but I always used Cura before on win 7. Have recently went to a newer computer, Windows 10 pro. I can't get any version of Cura to complete the install and always get the same message. I have downloaded the latest Python... Would appreciate any help.. Garry
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