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  1. Thanks for your fast reply! I found now your version aswell. Here's another datasheet I referred to originally: https://www.igo3d.com/mediafiles/Sonstiges/Innofil3D/TDS DE Innofil3D PET CF 180803.pdf https://www.igo3d.com/innofil3d-petcf-filament this should be the same, but maybe an older version.. The issues I have with the standard profile settings, without changing anything. In the picture attached you can see the layer inconsistency. It breaks easily away at the transition point of the ring below to the spoke above. The other parts attached shows the same issue going from a thicker profile to thinner spokes. The support worked well, so this might not be the problem. The breaking pattern shows that there is a kind of underextrusion, while the shell of the rest of the parts seems to be filled properly. @SandervG do you have seen such behavior before with this filament?
  2. Hi all, hope this thread is still living. We want to use this filament for prototypes. In the configuration profile we found some inconsistencies, though. The data sheet tells 210-220°C and 0% fan. The downloaded profile has 260°C and 100% fan. What is correct or the better way to go? We tested the material with the defult profile, but with higher wall thickness jumps it tends to shrinks unevenly and therefore the layer adhesion is bad. Further oozing is quite strong, so retratcion speed or distance might be too less.. Thanks for helping!
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