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  1. Fan appears to be fine
  2. Thank you for the response. I took a look at the coupler. It looks good and isn’t binding or tight when passing filament through it. took a picture of the grinding on the filament. Strangely, it looks pretty evenly spaced out.
  3. My UM2+ (UM2 w/ Extrusion Upgrade Kit) recently started having print quality problems especially on the first layer. After first thinking it was a leveling / distance issue and re-leveling the ben many times with no success, I started to look for other answers. Reading through posts here and other articles, I believe it is under extruding but looking for confirmation and ideas for fixes. After a failed print, it looks like the feeder is grinding the filament so assumed that the problem was on the hot end. I've tried everything recommended, cleaned head using the atomic method, removing the head and soaking in acetone, I'm getting clean pulls from the atomic method at this point (it wasn't bad to begin with). I've even opened up and cleaned the feeder. Went back into CURA and deleted the app configurations folder to ensure that there weren't modifications to the default profile. Adjusted nozzle temps to see if that impacted flow (195-210) Still having the problem... Currently printing using CURA's generic PLA profile, .4mm nozzle, with Amazon Basics 2.85mm Dark Gray PLA. I've had many successful prints with this combo (same spool) before this started happening I've attached a couple of pictures of the first layer issues. Thanks in advance for your insights and suggestions!
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