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  1. Hi All. I have reverted to Cura4.5.0 because I get a blank screen when scrolling down the settings with 4.6.1 The designer of the model I am trying to print suggests an extrusion multiplier of .96 this I presume is the flow rate. When I reduce the flow rate to 96% Cura indicates an error and will not slice. Am i doing something wrong?😟
  2. Thankyou for a nudge in the right direction. For some reason my desktop does not not save the downloaded files in a zip folder, thus the confusion, as the files look to be unzipped. I have now downloaded the same files on my laptop and "hey presto" they are zipped files. Thanks again for the assistance.
  3. an example of a file that will not open
  4. No, The files are unzipped and are STL files they load in the Creality slicer
  5. Hi< Im new to this forum and also 3d printing. I uploaded Cura 4.5 and now 4.6. Till now Ive been using the Creality slicer with my 3d printer. I am having trouble loading many of the STL files from Thingiverse I get a message " cannot open files of the type..." yet they open on the Creality slicer. Please help...AL
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