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  1. Sirs, I thank you both this solved my problem. It just shows how easy it is to miss something. Ive been battling all day with blinkers on.😊
  2. Hi, I am trying to print a small statue which is placed atop a base. I have set infill to various different settings but for some reason the infill will not print in the base, and therefore the statue has no base to stand on. Why can I not get the infill to print in the base?? I have attached the 3mf file and one can see that the pedestal has no top and is printed hollow despite the infill setting. Have I a setting wrong somewhere . I use a creality ender3 pro. Thanks in advance, Al CE3_pawnV2cura.3mf
  3. Hi All. I have reverted to Cura4.5.0 because I get a blank screen when scrolling down the settings with 4.6.1 The designer of the model I am trying to print suggests an extrusion multiplier of .96 this I presume is the flow rate. When I reduce the flow rate to 96% Cura indicates an error and will not slice. Am i doing something wrong?😟
  4. Thankyou for a nudge in the right direction. For some reason my desktop does not not save the downloaded files in a zip folder, thus the confusion, as the files look to be unzipped. I have now downloaded the same files on my laptop and "hey presto" they are zipped files. Thanks again for the assistance.
  5. an example of a file that will not open
  6. No, The files are unzipped and are STL files they load in the Creality slicer
  7. Hi< Im new to this forum and also 3d printing. I uploaded Cura 4.5 and now 4.6. Till now Ive been using the Creality slicer with my 3d printer. I am having trouble loading many of the STL files from Thingiverse I get a message " cannot open files of the type..." yet they open on the Creality slicer. Please help...AL
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