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  1. Hi? I am SW Park. Please inquire about the setting of Cura. There is a gcode I want to put in every 10th layer. There is a start gcode setting and an end setting gcode, but there seems to be no middle gcode setting.
  2. Please understand that I’m not good at English. It is assumed that number 1 is the smallest division of the stepper motor. If you want to reduce the speed of the stepper motor in half, is the pulse equal to No. 2? Or is it like No. 3? (I change the division of the step motor.) When I give each 1 pulse to the X, Y step motor, I expect it to move diagonally as shown in the graph. If I give 2 pulses in the X direction and 1 pulse in the Y direction, does the stepper motor move like No. 1 in the graph? Or does it move lik
  3. I would like to upgrade my 3D printer from single nozzle to triple nozzle. And I want to protect the device in case of error by installing two limit switches for each axis.
  4. thank you for the reply. I have a knowledge of C language. In addition, individual device control for the Arduino is also possible. However, 3D printers are complex and difficult. I don't know which code to look at first, so I want to know the central code.
  5. I want to remodel 3D printer. But I am having a hard time understanding marlin code. I want to know the address of a site where I can view Code interpretation or courses. Can you help me?
  6. Please contact us regarding 3D printers. It often stops while printing. I want to print from the next line, but I don't know how many codes I have printed. So I have to print again from the beginning. I would like to know how many lines have been printed from the printer or how to send G-Code to the computer.
  7. thank you for the reply. I found the following data on the site you gave me. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012028419 I am looking for a site that explains each setting(custom setting) like the attached picture. Can you help me?
  8. Hello? I am SW Park. I am a 3D printer user. I'm looking for a Cura manual on your site. Can you tell me where the manual is? (I want a detailed version, not a summary.)
  9. Hello? My name is Park SW. I can't set the Gcode on the 3d printer, so I can't move the filament the way I want. I want to learn about the cura engine in GitHub. https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine I'm having a hard time knowing which math subject to study first. Can you tell me the math subjects you use for the cura engine? (Example: Calculus)
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