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  1. After extensive research this post seemed to describe the problem I was having the best: 5-10mm of some but not all single width line segments were underextruded as shown after a travel move, and none of the settings that would logically fix the issue really addressed it properly. My model also has several single walled features which would be consistent with the OP's hypothesis of cura not slicing properly when switching between different width thin features. After a large amount of time playing with every setting that could remotely have anything to do with outer perimeters, I found that dis
  2. Hi All, Here is an update: The rounded corner issue is due to the bowden feed system and can be remedied by using the correct print settings. This is pretty well documented around the forum and elsewhere online. We had issues printing fine single wall details (0.5mm wide single layer line features on a surface) where the printed lines had extremely variable widths. I suspect this is also caused by the bowden feed system not regulating pressure in the print head well. We remedied this issue by using a 0.25mm print head which was adequate to get the single wa
  3. Hello, I've been using a Prusa i3 mk3s for about 6 months making custom IC shipping containers and decided to upgrade to an S5 a little under a month ago. I've had issues with interlocking prints being oversized, which is pretty well documented around this forum. Most people recommend simply using a negative horizontal expansion value to bring the print size closer to the .STL size. While I have some success using a -0.1mm horizontal expansion value for outer dimensions, my model has some fine 0.4 mm wide lines on the surface which get completely removed by using this horizontal ex
  4. Mods, please delete this thread.
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