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  1. WOHOU!!! That cracked the case! I made union form whole object before I exported STL file.. Thousands of thax! napsu.stl
  2. Hello! Oh my god! I use Freecad and i Exported models by selecting everything with box selection... I followed generall tutorials, but have to miss some step to make model as whole... Thanx I examine this and try figure this out! -Raimo
  3. Hello! Of course! And one thing... Slicing is fine, if i turn oject to another face down. Problem occurs only when this flat part is oriented horizontally. At X-ray view there is no visual problems... -Raimo napsu.stl liukuva.stl
  4. Hello! I have problem with some missing layers. When i Slice my slt and model have level middle of object, slicer drops one or two layers. This happens if model have holes and when model have straight levels. Holes drop layers at bottom tangent. Here is two pics from sliced objects. Problem was "solved" at hole case by setting adaptive layer height on, but even then there was left weak interface at the bottom of hole. -Raimo
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