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  1. Hi, After the latest fimware upgrade, My S5, is bricked ! This screen appear just after power up : Please let me know how to make my S5 alive again ? - Do you have a procedure to reinstall the kernel ? Regards. Emmanuel.
  2. Hi, I confirmed that it works sometimes with a good LAN. With Cura also, same for me --> no progress bar... but we have the link to the printer's web site 😉 SandervG --> Please let us know about a firmware roadmap to fix these bug. We request transparency Regards.
  3. Yep ! I think the dev are fighting with dependencies in the program and a lack of CPU...and some lean/agile training I 'll do the suggested modification of the config file, thanks. On my side , i'll fighting with my boss ... he'll ask me why i choose this buggy expensive stuff... Regards.
  4. Hi, I just receive my S5, few days ago, ok she's doing the job... But i don't understand why such issues (wifi/camera) after more than one year on the market. With the latest firmware it display on screen 3m23m instead of 3h23m ... When i'm connecting with SSH, the cpu charge is always between 60 --> 100 % (during a print). Maybe some services can be turned off during a print (rfid for instance) My first impression : Seems some quality lack from dev, is there continous integration of the firmware? Hope i'm wrong, and som
  5. Thanks for your clear reply Regards
  6. HI, I just have this issue, with a reliable wired network. The machine seem want to finish the work. I have always problem with camera (disconnected after few hours). I expected with a more than a year product, such issue fixed ! Does it need a return , or a quick fix will be release ? Regards. Emmanuel
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