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  1. Un-checking Compensate wall overlaps fixed this problem for me. I was printing a gear and I had holes on the surface at the teeth. I printed over and over trying different settings until I unchecked Compensate wall overlaps.
  2. Print thin walls works on an experimental model but not on the part I downloaded. Bizarre! I used .5mm line width with .4mm nozzle and Print Thin Walls checked. My experimental model has a 0 width then 0.1 then 0.2 etc. walls where circle holes are close to outer wall. Grateful for the help. CuraPrintThinWallsTest.stl sample_riser_LS10.stl sample_riser_LS10.3mf
  3. What is the purpose of "Print thin walls". I've checked it's box and assumed it would print a wall thinner than my nozzle or line width. I hoped "Print thin walls" would print the .2mm walls as .5mm walls matching my line width.
  4. I have holes in part very close to outside surface such that there is a very thin section/wall/shell. I want Cura to create a continuous surface on the outside walls regardless of how thin they are. I noticed Special Modes - Surface Mode - Surface worked but then I had no internal fill geometry etc. sample_riser_LS10.3mf
  5. My print speed was too high based on www.printitindustries.com/pages/print-speed-calculator. Travel is 120mm/s. I already had increased Z acceleration and increased Z jerk to just tolerable. Retraction was and is scary fast. Still not printing very well but it appears the blob on sidewall is gone. It appears the retraction after z move was not an issue after all. I still think cura should fix though.
  6. I'm still getting a big blob as shown in pics attached. I still think you should ask developers to make change to allow retraction before z move. Sadly I must have some other issues that prevent me from giving you proof of fix. Sorry!
  7. Burtoogle, you are correct. The 'Retraction Minimum Travel setting at 6mm was preventing the retraction from occurring prior to z move. I reduced to 2mm and Layer 5 was now correct but Layer 9 was still wrong since it had an even smaller travel move than 2mm. "Maybe there is a case for allowing the retraction in that situation to help with the slow z change." You nailed it. Wish I knew how to do this. .3mf file attached. arm.3mf
  8. Complete Gcode file attached. LAYER:5 LAYER:9 LAYER:19 and possibly more do retraction after z move. Other layers are correct. ;FLAVOR:RepRap ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.6.1 Arm.gcode
  9. When I look at gcode it appears the layer change(move in Z) occurs before the retraction. FYI Z moves are relative mode. G0 F600 X143.508 Y149.923 Z0.8 ;TIME_ELAPSED:18.152899 ;LAYER:1 G1 F4800 E-6 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F4800 E6 Since my printer has a very slow Z move, I'm getting a blob as Z moves to next layer. I want retraction to occur before Z move not after. Thx Jason
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