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  1. Hi So I’ll try with same type of PrittStick and have plate heat on at 50 oC throughout the print. I’d that correct? I have checked the plate settings plus use a thin receipt as a adjust guide. Regards Paul
  2. Hi well I have turned table heat off and just used a Pritt-stick for adhesion. The quality of print looks good. But the item has lifted on one side. What could I do to try and fix this. See attached photos. Regards Paul
  3. Hi all After a bit of YouTubing, I tried sticking more blue tap round the base. This did help but then after laying the first couple of layers down I turned the plate heat down from 60 oC to 20 oC. Seems to be looking better, all noted about having no plate heat and not too use blue tape for PLA. Thanks once again for the help, as you can tell I am very new to 3D printing. Regards Paul
  4. Hi all. i seem to have issues with my print lifting on the tape. It’s PLA plate temp is 60 oC and the print head is at 200 oC. As you can see from the photo’s the print looks good. But it’s lifting for some reason? can anyone assist. Regards Paul
  5. Hi Did you find a UK supplier for the fan at the rear of the heatshink? My UM2 is working but is very noisy. Need to find a UK supplier myself. Regards Paul
  6. Hi Torgneir I have just emailed @gr5 Did you see my first print? i have attached a jpg, its not easy to check out as its in black. But it looks like its fine.
  7. Hi Torgeir These feeder updates for the UM2 extended, can anyone supply a kit of parts with new fixing etc? Regards Paul
  8. I am looking for a replacement fan unit for my Ultimaker 2 extended the one which cools the hot print block heatsink. The one on mine is really noisy but still spins, also i read that some users have moved the fan slightly away from the heatsink. Do I need to purchase metal standoff posts and slightly longer fixings. if anyone can supply details on fan assembly etc, i am in the UK so if RS or Farnell do them that would be great or of course ebay. Regards Paul
  9. Hi Torgeir Well I have make the heat plat set as 60 oC and the print head is set at 200o C. But it looks like I have a flow issue, i removed material and then re-entered it and did the advance on material movement out of the print head but nothing coming out. Can't see any PLA coming out the sides, I can re-tract the material moving the control wheel the other way, then go forward. No sure what i should try next. could it be the temperature heater not actually getting up to 200 oC? As I say I am a newbie. Regards Paul
  10. Thanks all for your help, I am going to try and do a test print on Thursday and see how it all goes. Will feedback my results then, finger grossed all works. Reference Torgeir's update from standard to plus, I wonder what you invested your money in regard upgrade parts? For the moment I will see how my tests go and if goes well I might ask what the cheaper update parts are. I am not keen on spending £500 on the official upgrade kit to a plus. Regards Paul
  11. After reading your message, I also have a ultimaker 2 and am not able to spend the 400 for the 2+ kit. What would be the cost of a new print head assemble. Also I had to replace the bearing housing the other day as it had cracked. All went well but i had to cut the 1 inch black heat shrink off as I wasn't able to feed the white connectors through it. At the moment it cut the heat shrink off. Do I have any other options for this area. I could purchase some new unshrunk material and fit or is their any rap around material I could use. Regards Paul
  12. Hi Thanks for this information, I am assuming I need to setup temperatures on head and build plate? Also on setup you can enable the two side fans as a percentage. I wonder what I should set this up as? Regards Paul
  13. Hi all I have a Ultimaker 2 extended and I an very new to the 3D printer journey. I have installed PLA material and recalibrated the bed 1mm (paper also used for getting the gap correct) on both 3 corners. in the setup I have confirmed material comes out of the head. But when i try and print the ultimaker robot all the pla doesn't stick to the bed. The Bed is clean and I have just put a thin layer of britt stick on it. The fan on the back is running but i haven't seen the two side ones come on yet. See attached photos.
  14. Ok, I’ll wait and see how bearing asssembly repair goes. Then look at doing the upgrade to plus. can you confirm what software would be best to create designs and then build them for printing? regards Paul
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