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  1. strangely after 5 reboot it powered up! do i have to be worried?
  2. I use my printer regularly, powered off 2 days ago with no issues. Today it doesn't work anymore. After powering it on it stays stuck at boot logo. Any chance to unblock it and how?
  3. The problem was in the WIFI name. My wifi name was "xxxx - xxxx" ... apparently the "-" was preventing S3 to connect to it. used now "_" and it work fine. Also I remove the blank spaces...
  4. Brand new printer, S3, firmware updated. Initialize the hotspot/wifi, get the wifi from mobile, select one of my wifi home networks and put password. Browser tells me setup process is finished and to go back to the printer... Printer stays in "connecting" for hours ... but it doesn't connect. WIFI is based on ubiquiti, 2.5 and 5 ... I will do some additional tests with newly created WIFI only 2.5 ... and let you know. Also my current wifi name include a space and a "-" .... some devices had problem in the past... so i will do more tests and com
  5. same problem for me, SSID is NOT hidden.
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