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  1. Hi all, do you guys know why cura changes the position of a stl file? I export from Rhino and it is perfectly centrated in the 0,0,0 point, but in Cura it will go in another point of the plate. Why??
  2. Hi all, I have an issue with movement: the object is very simple and it wouldn't require any movement between layers: infact, if I set to 1 perimeter, it is smooth and clean. But I need the piece to be filled so I need to increase to 2 perimeters and it starts to show strange movements between some points. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Mario
  3. of course my model is 2 perimeters! so it is strange, I should see the hole in the internal perimeter and close to the starting point, instead the holes are in the external perimeter and far from the starting!
  4. ok, so what you suggest? try to speed up the retraction?
  5. or maybe it could be the z hop that is 1mm?
  6. i don't think so, because I am using always the same retraction that is 5mm... but I set the retraction speed at 30: maybe it is too low?
  7. Hi all, I am experimenting a bizarre issue: there are some strange, small "holes" on the external perimeter of my print, but in the gcode there is nothing there to justify them, neither a retraction. Anyone could help with this?? here is the link to download the file: https://we.tl/t-3ZEKvScEtM Thank you... 😞
  8. ok, the problem of the endpoints is solved but... now i have a total infill when the cube intersect the stl. I tried of course to set to 0 the values of the bottom and upper parts, but nothing happens! now? 🙂
  9. Hi there, I am trying to change the endpoints positions using the magic cube... I select the options I want to change but it does not produce any effect for the endopoints. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!!
  10. no settings there, I don't use any of them! no, single extrusion thanks
  11. I tried but it says it is impossible slicing because of its dimensions!
  12. Hi all, I have a strange issue regarding the positioning of the stl in Cura: in Rhino the model is perfectly positioned in the area of the machine (it is a cilindrical volume machine with 200mm radius), but when I load it, Cura just change the positioning of the model and now it is impossibile printing it as it is outside the area... of course I checked the settings but as you can see everything seems to be ok. Any suggests?? thanks! Mario
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