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  1. Excellent, many thanks! That will also make changing nozzle diameter easier!
  2. Hi, I'm Neil Wyatt, I consider myself a fairly experienced user. I use a kit built Factory3D Prusa i3 clone which handles most materials OK, but does require a little TLC from time to time. Recently I extended the y-travel to allow me to print some parts 200mm in diameter. My current challenge is seeing how well I can print gears and pulleys for with a 0.1mm nozzle. Most of my 3D prints are for working models or functional objects, particularly around astronomy. These days I use Alibre Atom3D for most of my design. Here are a few examples of my work. Neil
  3. My apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but all the search terms I can think of are so generic I can't find anything that covers this. I'm now on the latest but one version of Cura 4.6.0 and use a generic Prusa i3. One thing I find very frustrating, is that Cura heats the bed, and only then heats the extruder, rather than doing this simultaneously. Manually preheating is a chore I would prefer to avoid. This can be a huge timewaster on small parts, add in several minutes to the warm up time (I have both and under-insulated bed and use a silicon sleeve on my extruder block - before adding these it was even worse!) When printing a series of small parts or fine tuning z-height after a nozzle change the extruder inevitably cools significantly even if I am quick so the bed only needs to warm a few degrees. I have searched in vain for somewhere to change the startup sequence, but it seems to be hard-wired into the i3 profile in Cura. Am I mistaken? Is it possible to change this and, even so, is it worth changing the default to simultaneous warm up of extruder and bed?
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