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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies, @nallath thank you i think that explains my problem! i just need to figure out how to fix it. Kind regards, Jason
  2. Hi Burtoogle, Please accept my apologies, i'm new to 3d printing/modeling, what does it mean when it says "Not Manifold"? Kind regards, Jason
  3. Hi Labern, Thank you for your reply. I have created a 3d model using Anyrail 6, i have saved it as an STL. and opened it in Cura, i have attached the STL file for you to see the model. I'm not sure if i may need to open the model in different software to give it dimensions? Kind regards, Jason t gauge.stl
  4. Hi, Please can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong!! I have modeled some terrain and saved it as an STL.. when i open it in Cura to print it it says it will take 1 min and use 0.04g of filament, the model measures 100mm x 100mm x 4.6mm so it should take longer than that to print. I'm probably doing something really stupid! Thank you :)
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