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  1. ok, so there's no problem with my file, seeing red made me worry about a possible problem i couldn't understand ^^" thanks so much! 😄
  2. hi! i've been making my 3D STL/OBJ files first with photoshop and now moved to autocad 2021, and in both cases when i import the STL or OBJ into cura the software gives me a "red layer" on the whole bottom side even if it's not sitting on the hot bed, what does it mean? is it a problem? i'm new to 3D printing ^^" might be a dumb question.... thanks for the help! 😄 i've attached 2 pics of the same object in cura and the STL file if it might help to understand better the situation ^^ base+soul.stl
  3. hi all! i've recently bought a creality ender 3 which comes with the "creality slicer" that i'm forced to use cause CURA 4.6 right now has a problem and starts from the last layer (the top one) instead of starting directly from the bed... the problem i have with this slicer is that the very first layer printed AFTER THE BASE (the wider layer printed before the object) has a very low quality pattern, while the very last layer is perfectly fine... how can i fix this? is it a problem of my file or a problem of the slicer? attached there's a pic of the bottom layer and the top layer as refer
  4. hi all! i'm new in the 3D printing world, i've recently bought a creality ender 3 and before i had an anet a8 v2... when i first used cura to slice my OBJ or STL files for my anet A8 everything was fine, when i loaded the STL on cura with everything set up for the ender 3 and tried to print the file, my printer "started from the end" of the 3D oject, in other words, it literally started to print the last layer instead of making the base where the object would have been later printed on... how can i fix this? the creality ender 3 comes with the "creality slicer powerred by cura" bu
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