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  1. Hey all, I have a strange issue with one of my .4 print cores. When installed it always fails the automated bed leveling. This both on extruder 1 or 2. The print core does not touch the bed and fails when the bed is still 5 cm from each other. When changing with another core (I have .6, .8, .4 standard and a solex) the bed leveling error is not there. Anyone an idea if this a bad core or worn out? There are no visual indication that there is something wrong with the core and the contacts on the back have already been cleaned. Anyone an idea
  2. Will do, it is idd something quite easily to rule out. But just printed a stringing test with retraction of 2mm instead of 6.5mm (default cura) and the towers were perfect. So I'm thinking that retraction has a lot to do with it, the solex cores have 2 holes instead of one in the core.
  3. Filament is stored in drybox with for the moment 34% humidity It can be ofcourse, but it would seem strange. Especially I have this with both PLA and PETG
  4. Hi all, I recently bought a Solex hardcore, the first print with a 0.4 nozzle were perfect. I adhered to the temp settings for the first hours and only printed with PLA. Now after a few days the print became very stringy and it seems like the nozzle leaks. The nozzle is on thight and is changed with the nozzle change tool as recommended. I changed the nozzle yesterday to a clean 0.4 and same issue only after 8 hours of printing (PLA 205°C). I have played with the temp settings, lowered 10° in steps without any result. Anyone an idea what I'm d
  5. But I think there is an issue with the release schedule. Now the printer asks to install 5.3.10 as "new firmware"
  6. They are released in the mean time. It is the release of the Ulitmaker Digital Factory QR codes displayed with error messages. Troubleshoot your issues faster by scanning the QR code that displays on screen when an error message appears Introduced data sharing for Error codes. We have introduced a data sharing feature for network connected printers. This data sharing will facilitate our product improvement by helping us track what sort of errors our users are encountering. You can opt out of this in the settings menu Connect to Ultimaker Digital Factory. Adding printers t
  7. Hi all, I just received the latest firmware 5.7 on my UM S3, but I can't seem to find the release note. Can anyone share what has changed / resolved? Thank you
  8. Hi all, I've been the owner of an S3 for 2 months now. While it is a great machine, I'm encoutering a problem already. On a linear movement of the Y axis a grinding noise is heared. The printer gets 2 weekly maintenance as described on the UM website (lubricating, cleaning, blowing out the extruders and etc) An example of the noise, link, you can clearly hear it 20sec in the video. I have removed the white plastic caps around the stepper motors today and checked for obstructions or dirt, nothing there. I also checked the bands and they all are still quite
  9. I had the same issue yesterday night with an S3. I thought that I didn’t lock the bed, but that isn’t something that I would forget. the entire nozzle and head was filled with pla. Luckily I could remove it with a heated modelling tool, no damage to the head but the print core is bust
  10. Quite interested in the cover as wel, could you post a picture of the back please?
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