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  1. think im trackin with u thus far . i honestly forgot about the search part pulling up the tidbits hopefully this is what you talking about on ur recommendation for layers unless im missing something here
  2. granted . tried the .1 change still has it the adaptive layer is enabled which does help to some extent at the top i do have it with different infill which is needed being it has a threaded part on the underside so that needs the strength notably i know there will be some post processing the less on the the better for the smoothing part currently the part takes 2 hours to print .1 takes around 2hr30 give or take which is do able perhaps im missing something here side note would bumping nozzle to 245 add any help for this? amazon abs hopefully no
  3. is there a way to have the abs top finishing layer smooth instead of the circles whenever the print finishes any tips or little tricks to help specially for vapor smoothing instead of having to keep sanding smooth?? my typical settings layer height 0.2 ironing standard setting plate 105 nozzle 240 speed 40-60
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