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  1. That would be awesome - I'd be happy to reshare if I tweak further, but to be honest I just want it to work 😉
  2. Hi there Scotty - Do you have any resources you could recommend or would you be prepared to share your work as a start for ten for me - I have a TAZ6 I'd love to use with proper CURA? If I bring in the current CURA LE printer settings, I get a big messy python crash.
  3. Hi there twlum. Did you ever work out if you could ditch CURA LE? I just tried the latest greatest CURA and I love it but zero profiles for Lulzbot. I'm looking for specific features that are missing from the LE edition.... I tried to move the various settings profiles stl etc over but great fat crash. I'm trying to diagnose but it's all double dutch. So, short version - how did you get on?
  4. That's a great steer, thanks! I had what I thought was a great idea. Then discovered that someone had thought of all this years ago and I had just failed in my 'research' (Google). Thanks Again.
  5. Awesome, thankyou! I'm grabbing 'Proper' CURA version now as mine is not doing that!
  6. Getting interesting - My version of CURA _should_ be naming parts. Getting Vanilla CURA version and checking it out - Stand by! Thanks both!
  7. WOW! Thats's EXACTLY it, thanks - checking it out now.
  8. Sure thing, attached to this post. in the .model fileThreePartNameTest.3mf you can spot the 3 distinct parts each numbered but never referred to in the GCODE comment. I'm not reporting this as a bug, more a feature request 😉
  9. That's awesome, thanks! Do you know if the feature has a proper name and I can start looking for that in octoprint or my printer firmware?
  10. Hi there, I don't think that's quite correct - I have 3 separate parts on the bed, but there is only one mesh comment per layer. For my idea to work it would need something like a ';PART XYZ' comment as it moves over the bed within a layer working on the WALL-INNER, WALL-OUTER, SKIN, FILL for each part. Cheers
  11. That's a great point, it definitely my bad that parts are coming loose. I'm printing a field of identical tall narrow parts and without support. Fettling is important, but I'm not sure that print failures due to adhesion (or whatever) are that unusual and the ability to live splice out copies is not that much of an edge case. But you are right it would be tricky - I checked that XYZ being absolute presents no issue, but never spotted that estep also being absolute would be an issue 😉 you've not to recalculate every layer which is a bugger. Oh well. Let's park it in the round ideas receptacle!
  12. Hi there, I've been looking at the Cura output GCODE and the comments are really useful, for example ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER I've been thinking that if the different parts on the bed could be named or numbered and then commented in the GCODE, then it would be possible for CURA (or whatever software is used to actually print (Octoprint in my case) could be used to live splice sections out of the GCODE on a part by part basis while printing - subject to the print software supporting named parts. The use case that I'm thinking of is that on a long, multi-part, print: One part breaks free. At the mo, that's a failed print - the spaghetti will ruin the rest of the parts, cause a domino effect With a live-splice capability the user could dump that part from subsequent layers. Obviously the print management software would need to support the live splice capability, but part one of this is the gcode comments identifying the various parts by name or by number etc.... Coupled with this, it it possible to force an ooze/wipe tower even on a single nozzle setup? Thoughts? Crazy?
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